13 June 2010

Sakura... (2010.4.12 20:32)

Everyone, sorry for not writing for a while.

I haven't had much time for sleep lately. (^^;)

Wake up → Work or Training → Fall over → Wake up

And then repeat every detail. Yeah, a complete animal... (^^;)

Although, once I fell right down and got a little 2~3 hour nap. (^^;) Well, I think we can call that one training, too. (^_^)

So, of course, after nearly 2 weeks of this lifestyle, I collapsed in a heap yesterday (^^;) and had a proper sleep for the first time in a long time. (^_^)

So, not to change the subject, but,

Last week, I went to get my car fixed, but the day before I went to get it back, the sky cleared right up, my last chance to go out and take some photos of the 'Sakura.'

I heard from Cha-cha 'Chidorigafuchi's nice,' (^_^) and we didn't have any time at lunch, so we went out that evening,

and wow, that whole neighborhood was a packed parking lot! (^^;) Even more, humans and cars were in a mess of congestion... (big ^^;)

In desperation, I pulled out my cell phone...

The number of people was just amazing. (O_O)

So, there was no chance to take photos loitering around in a car all day, so we gave up for the day and went home,

and the next day there was a torrential downpour. (T_T)

The moral of the story: Sakura is the enemy of the heart that thinks on tomorrow, by Shinran Shonin. (^_^)

Boo-hoo-hoo... Won't I get to photograph anything this year... (regret) Everyone, let's go out and take some photos... Some good photos...

At least I did get to have some Sakura-viewing sake... (^_^)

Everyone, the temperature's fluctuating wildly, so be care so you don't catch a cold.

Well then well then~

[ yes, i am not dead~~~ (X_X) i was almost caught up, and then Life Intervened. well, i can't promise any regularity around here, but i've got a huge bunch of entries to get through, and they will be done, if just not with any noticable alacrity... (T_T) (terminator voice) i'll be bahk. (^_^) ]

25 April 2010

How long... (2010.3.30 23:49)

it's been since I wrote you all.

The MENS festival safey completed, I totally deflated and couldn't utter a word...

And then a fever laid me completely out. (^^;) Yeah, compared to training, I'm so weak, what's with that? (^_^)

So, I revived, and straight off fixed my car. (^_^) First, when I went to the parking lot to take the car to the car guy,

Wha? The car lurches... Then I remembered, that nightmare...

The tires all around were punctured and crushed flat. (^^;)

So, even calling a tow truck was a big deal, and getting a tire pump from home,

and after that, nothing but the ssshu-pah ssshu-pa of the pump. (^_^) It didn't really have a lot of capacity, so after about an hour,

I was covered in sweat, and I gave up on the tire and went to the nearest auto parts store.

It was "Ah~ that's a tough break, like this..." and "It's a 4WD, gotta replace all four tires."

Those words pierced me right through, and when I started complainin, 'First off, I'm only going 10~20 km, I can make it!!' and 'I'll push it over to my repair shop!!'

"Well, we can't guarentee the safety, but we can fix it." So I took it over to my own car guy.

"Well, these two tires are the worst, but if you can, I'd replace all four of them." It was the same thing. (^_^) I got a quote...

'Uh... Let me think about it just a minute...' and I went home with my car just like it had been.

But this is, of course, the age of the net, and I scored myself four wheels. (^_^) Plus, just the tire, or with aluminium rims was the same price,

so after all this effort, I get some aluminium wheels. (big ^^;) Man, that was a good job... (^_^)

The world of purchasing parts by mail order hasn't completely disappeared quite yet, so things were steadily looking up for me. (^_^)

So, this has no connection to my car, (^_^) but getting some aluminium wheels put me in a good mood, so I went to the Mister Donut shop for the first time in a long while,

Since when have they been 100 yen~? Is this a limited time only thing? I had no idea at all~

With the tension all high, I ate with some gusto. (big ^^;) Angel Creams... Now that's just cruel. (^_^)

Hence the title, "How long..." (^^;) Yeah, that was a long introduction. (^_^)

You say it's only a donut, but that's crucial intelligence information. If I'd have known earlier... (^_^)

It's gotten cold all of a sudden, so everybody be careful not to catch a cold.

I'm going to do a bit of convalescence, so I'm sure I'll catch one. (big ^^;) Eh? Maybe I ate too many donuts? (^_^)

Well then well then~

MENS festival (2010.3.22 01:02)

Man alive, everyone,

the MENS festival, that was best LIVE ever. (^_^)

To be frank, the tension was higher than high (^^;) and it was really hard during the show (big ^^;)

but when I considered it after the show was over, I had this satisfied, complete feeling. (^_^)

The guys in the audience really let us have all their fighting spirit. Everyone, you are the best guys, I mean really. (^_^)

With that kind of hot mood, you made a study of how to be a real guy, and man among men.

On this tour, I won't loose my spirit of affection for all you guys. I'm looking forward to it. (^_^)

Man, but this time I took my clothes off, well, I was supposed to take my clothes off, but if you do a side-by-side comparison, all the members taking their clothes off (^^;)

and me still with all my flab, I worked hard. (^_^)

Unless we're on tour, I don't do anything about my belly. (big ^^;) Next time I'd better do a bunch of weight training. (T_T)

Well, just for tonight, my reward

I had some yakiniku. (bwahahah)

Uh, no good? (^_^)

Man oh man~ I've got a bad headache, and it's handicapping my brain. (^^;) Tonight, I shall go to bed early like a good boy. (^_^)

Well then well then, sleep well... zzz

P.S. My car... I went out the other night and it was ruined. (^^;) The left side was totally annhiliated. (T_T) Not just the body, the tires and the wheels are all gone. (T_T)

Before, I thought I'd just keep it with a normal exterior, but that night I swore I'm going to do it all up, totally custom. (^_^)

Men's Festival (2010.3.20 22:13)

Yeah, praise, adulation, of course it's a festival. (^_^)

Actually, tomorrow, right. Gotta get my fighting sprit, my loving spirit on. With the prolonged rehearsals and trainging I temporarily have a body worthy of such things. (^^;)

After one day, I'd better give it my all~

P.S. Cars... Car buying, well, when the LIVE is over, I think I'll go out and touch a few. I've been driving myself, even to rehearsals.

Then, with all those strong winds today, I was thinking all the posters might have blown away, with my usual attempt at avoidance.

Yeah, desperate... (T_T)

I really don't understand what human life is about... It certainly is heaven and hell...

Let's make tomorrow really a rocking musical experience. (^_^)

As for tonight, the tension's rising, and I'm going to sleep!!

Well then well then~

Sweet~ness (2010.3.13 02:33)

Have I mentioned these before?

Probably most of you know of them already. In the city, Amala is famous.

Yeah, the tempation of the fruit corner. (^_^)

They're always sold out, but this time I could unexpectedly buy one, and, well, it was amazingly pricey. (^^;)

Snowboarding, tomatos, this city is... a battleground of worldly desires. (^_^)

So, people who haven't yet eaten this tomato...

People who don't like tomatos...

People looking for new fruits... (^_^)

Please, definitely definitely definitely give this one a try. (^_^)

It's really sweet, and tomato-y, it's more completely fruit than fruit tomatos.

Tomatos are full of lycopene, so it's good for beauty, and anti-aging. (^_^)

Wow, it's been a long time since I discovered delicious food. (*joy*)

Everyone else should give it a try, too. (^_^) Well then well then~

[ a) i'm not sure about that whole fruit/tomato/fruit tomato line, i think there's something i'm not getting there...
b) happy super belated b-day chachamaru-san, aka old man. (^_^)
c) wow, you guys are so patient and nice, waiting for translations, thanks so much! ]

09 April 2010

I've become a warring commander. (^_^) (2010.3.7 22:44)

I look a little threatening. (^_^)

Whenever I wear a helmet and armor, I get all tense. Puts me in a Warring Commander spirit. (^_^)

Honestly, it's really heavy. Including the guitar, it's at least 30 kilos. (^^;) *

Before the show, we get our fighting spirit on, with the image of going out to the front. Well, our usual LIVES are battles too. (^_^)

Ahh... My back... hurts... (major ^^;)

The real thing is even heavier, the commanders of the old days were amazing. Of course, it's bushido. I'd love to be able to follow their example.

Everyone should try this on at least once, if they get the chance. (^_^) It's weight will surprise you.

Well then well then... Today, I'm asleep already... zzz

[ i'm already surprised by their weight. turns out 30 kilgrams is 65 pounds. 65 pounds! jesus. no wonder he needs a live-in chiropractor. ]

Commander T-Shirts (2010.3.6 22:13)

Looks like an elegant family crest.

Furnished by J.S.ART-san.

A family crest that looks like that would be pretty amazing.

Japan's in the process of losing all the old designs... Yeah, is this what we call civilization?

If we don't do something it'll be too late.

Well then well then, let's go for it tomorrow at the Tama-Ari again. (^_^)